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Benefits of Iruwe

Plant - powered

100% natural plant-based ingredients. We work hard to bring top quality products that are tried and tested, without any chemicals, parabens or sulphates.

Small batches

To guarantee the freshness of our products reaching our customers, our handmade products are produced in small batches, making sure our customers get the highest quality of products possible.


Each of our ingredients are locally sourced. All of our packaging is recyclable and kind to the planet.

Wellness Driven

Our brand Iruwe is heavily based on Ayurveda; the science of life that focuses on the internal and external balance of one’s self, mentally, physically and internally.

It all comes naturally

Going natural in 2019 was an exciting yet daunting decision for our founder Hannah, as it with many new naturals. She went from not knowing what products would cater her “unmanageable” hair, to buying too many products; some of which didn’t manage satisfy all of her haircare needs, and other that included a tonne of chemicals that aren’t good for natural hair. Both herself and her mother went natural around the same time and so were both looking for products that would give length overnight. What they as well as many others eventually learned and understood about their hair, is that consistency and patience is key, and that good products that contain natural ingredients are best suited especially for our hair.

By improving haircare habits and carefully choosing what was put in her hair, she was also able to help and educate others such as her mum and eventually her siblings, who were also seeing benefits from the hair oils and butters that she was making. It was this reason that Hannah became inspired to help others who were also trying to improve the health and ultimately length of their hair.


What our customers have to say

An absolute gem of a product, I have 4c hair and this honestly makes it so much easier to manage. My hair loves it and so do i! Knowing that it's handmade with ingredients that are all natural makes it all the better😍 Would deffo recommend :)

Rutendo N. about Cherish
“ Love this product so much! Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling really soft. It’s great as an overnight leave in treatment and keeps my hair looking healthy. Would highly recommend”
Larissa M. about Flourish
“At first, I wasn’t sure if this hair oil would be too too heavy for my wavy hair, but after using it, it’s been a staple routine in my wash days. I use it as an overnight treatment before I then wash it out with shampoo. My hair is so much softer and frizz free afterward.Definitely recommend it, especially for looser hair textures like mine!”
Elise D. about Flourish

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Our formulas are a potent mix of raw ingredients designed to bring richness and even more life to your hair. With our chemical free and plant-powered ayurvedic products, you’ll never have to choose between health and results, or between natural and high performance products. Discover the benefits of each of our ingredients.

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We believe everyone should be able to access safe and effective haircare at their convenience, which is why our products have been assessed and safety tested by scientists. All of our packaging is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
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